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60 Day Risk-Free guarantee**

As a DP&L customer, you will continue to receive your energy, service and bill from DP&L AND save every month on your electric bill by choosing Duke Energy Retail as your supplier.

What stays the same What changes
DP&L is still your local utility company that delivers energy to your home or business You lock in a low rate.
You still call DP&L for service and repairs You lock in a low rate.
You still receive one bill from DP&L You lock in a low rate.

Please join us at the following events to learn about the steps you should take when selecting an energy supplier:

  • August 25, 2014
    Earl Heck Community Center
    1:30 PM
    201 North Main Street
    Union, OH 45322
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* Estimated savings on bypassable generation rates based on the average annual usage of 11,000 kWh and the current average DP&L Standard Service Rate for a 111 or 711 customer (as of 7/1/14) of 10¢/kWh and our current price of 6.69¢/kWh through May 2017.