Hey Reds Fan!

Thank you for your interest in our Go Reds offer. With the 2014 season concluding, we can no longer offer you 4 free tickets when you sign up for our Reds Fan Energy Plan.

However, we encourage you to sign up for one of our other fixed electric plans.

By signing up with Duke Energy Retail, you will continue to receive your energy, service and bill from your local utility AND lock in a low rate. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your electric rate is guaranteed to remain the same during the length of your plan.

To sign up, select your local utility:

Here's how it works:

  • Before your local utility delivers energy to your home or business, they buy it from other energy suppliers and charge you for both the supply and delivery of your energy.
  • You can choose an alternative electric supplier to help manage your energy costs, by locking in a fixed electric rate.
  • Your local utility still delivers your energy, provides all service and repairs in your area and send you one energy bill-only your bill will include a separate line for your new, loyal Reds fan offer "supplier" rate.